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Philip Garson

Philip Garson Oxford University MA Modern Languages
Trinity College London Piano Diploma (ATCL)

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Why I teach the piano.

I teach it simply because I love it, and I want to share that love. The piano is a wonderful instrument that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Whether you want to learn because music is your chosen career - or just to broaden your cultural perspectives, music is a joy that you will take with you throughout life.

Play music for the love of it, for an artistic adventure, or simply to fulfil that life-long wish to learn the piano 'one day.'

Playing music is also a wonderful stress buster, relaxation, and good for the brain!

What's my background?

I started learning to play the piano when I was 11, and I was especially inspired by listening to the music of Beethoven and Chopin. I have played the piano ever since and over the years have given numerous recitals locally.

My interest in languages and literature led me to take my degree in Modern Languages after which I pursued a career in publishing and bookselling.

In recent years I have returned to music full-time so I can share my love of music with students of all ages and abilities.

What do I teach?

My specialist subject is the romantic composers, focussing on the works of Chopin, but I have a broad perspective on the piano and also enjoy teaching basic jazz, rag time and more modern composers.

I teach from beginner level up to grade 8 and am just as happy to take students who are doing is 'just for fun' as those who enjoy a more academic and structured approach.

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How Do I Teach?

I get to know you, the student, and find out what your aims are (exams or just pleasure) and then design a course to suit you. My approach is friendly, but I do insist that practicing is done as without it there can be little progress.

Do I perform?

I give regular piano recitals and am happy to play for private parties, charity events etc.
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