Piano Lessons


Why learn the piano?

The piano is a wonderful instrument that will give a lifetime of art and pleasure. It is also a very sociable instrument because it can be the centrepiece of small ensembles.

Whether you want to learn because music is your chosen career - or just to broaden your cultural perspectives, music is a joy that you will take with you throughout life.

Play music for the love of it, to broaden your education, to have an artistic adventure, or simply to fulfil that life-long wish to learn the piano 'one day.'

Where do I have to go and how long are the lessons?

I generally teach from my music studio at home although it may be possible to arrange home or school visits.

Lessons of 30 minutes are usually sufficient for beginners, and sometimes up to an hour for advanced students.

What you will learn:

  • To play the piano and read music. I follow a structured course ensuring learning is thorough and progress is both measurable and consistent.
  • Sight-reading. This is an important skill for pianists to learn and develop at whatever level they may be. It is also useful for singing, accompanying and enables you to explore a greater variety of music.
  • Technique: scales, arpeggios and technical drills, which increase reliability and control in one's playing.
  • Posture. This is a vital component for steady relaxed playing free from tension.
  • Music theory. This helps 'unwrap' music so it makes sense.
  • Repertoire in different musical styles. I range from classical, romantic, modern, blues, jazz and pop according to the student's taste and capability.
  • Grade exams. Grades 1 - 8 are benchmarks of progress and are usually highly motivating for students. I actively encourage students to enter for them when they are ready although of course it's not compulsory.

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